[2016-06-26] Millimeter wave therapy device Specifications
Millimeter wave therapy device Specifications: 1. High quality high frequency millimeter wave electromagnetic products. 2. High quality imported laser diode. 3. No side effect, no pain, no heat, no damage, no radiation. 4. High effect, good long-term
[2016-06-18] Millimeter wave therapy device Indications
Millimeter wave therapy device Indications: Diabetes complications (diabetic skin ulcer/ diabetic foot/ diabetic related disease), pain relief,Tumors Cancers (lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer...) and tumors, Prostatitis disease
[2016-06-12] Why use Metatron 4025 Hunter Health diagnostics system ?
The MetapathiaGRHunter isoneofthemostpowerfulhealthrisk-assessmenttoolscurrentlyavailable. The MetapathiaGRHunter canhelpyou getahugesuccess in thefieldofhealth. MetapathiaGRHunter
[2016-06-07] The Metatron hunter scanning process covers the following systems in our body
The Metatron hunter scanning process covers the following systems in our body: Our skeletal system comprising of our bones, muscles, joints, etc. The lymphatic system that includes all our lymph nodes etc. The vascular system i.e. our arteries, veins
[2016-06-01] How long after payment do we receive our Metatron hunter System?
How long after payment do we receive our Metatron System? Metatron Hunter Systems are shipped from Russia within 15 business days of your purchase. However, units are often delayed for 1 to 3 weeks in Russian customs before final clearance. Therefore
[2016-05-18] Does Metatron provide therapy as well?
Does Metatron provide therapy as well? Yes, all Metatron systems provide various biofeedback therapy modalities. The main therapy method is known as biofeedback Meta-Therapy. Also, the healing frequencies of herbs, stones and bach flowers (3D models
[2016-05-08] What Metatron Hunter can do for you?
Metatron or Non-linear Scanning (NLS) METATRON is non-invasive, safe and cost effective scientific health research equipment. This system allows tracing any condition in the body through changes in the resonance of tissues. Every object, small or lar
[2016-05-05] What does non invasive mean?
Metatron 4025 hunter Non invasive is a term used in medicine and means: Not penetrating the body, as by incision or injection.
[2016-04-29] Metatron hunter 4025 fetarues
Metatron hunter 4025 fetarues inlcdue:Inuttiviley obivuos user inetfrcae with all fucnitnos marked by easily reembmreed viuslaly ditsnict sybmlos. Threferoe, short triainng times are reuqried to acihvee opretaoianl prfocieicny.Spcertmus of phraamectu
[2016-04-22] What's Metapathia GR Hunter software feature?
Together with improvement of METATRON hardware, the software is being improved also. Metapathia GR Hunter is a new, revolutionary step in software creation. Hundreds of virtual models, starting with chromosomes, DNA and cells and up to models of orga

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