[2014-02-22] NLS is for everyone?
NLS Health Tomography Scanner can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees. Accurate analysis is the driving factor of our company and no matter whom
[2014-02-22] Patient S:NLS VS Ultrasound Study
Patient S., aged 48. Cross section: swelling of the gallbladder wall in normal parenchyma of the liver. The patient has acute hepatitis
[2014-02-22] Patient D:NLS VS Ultrasound Study
Patient D., 56. Longitudinal section: stenosis of the abdominal aorta as a result of a blood clot, which is located next to the partially calcined athermanous plaque
[2007-09-13] How to distribute?
The NLS Scanner has the latest, most innovative and user friendly software and is spreading rapidly around the world. We are looking for more professionals to join our team of distributors
[2007-07-23] Why use the NLS Scanner?
1.85% Accurate 2.Conducts a full body analysis in less than an hour 3.Finds dis-balances and health changes on a cellular level 4.NLS is the most advanced health management system 5.User friendly 6.Free software updates 7.The software is translated
[2007-06-20] Who can use the NLS Scanner?
1.Family Doctors 2.Clinics and medical units 3.Education facilities and schools 4.Sanatoriums 5.Sports and recreation facilities 6.Spas and cosmetic centers 7.Health Food Direct Selling workers
[2007-05-17] What is the NLS Scanner?
The Non-Linear System (NLS) uses the most advanced Resonance spectroscopy analysis, Quantum resonance analysis,Acoustic resonance analysis,Tomography scanning available today

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