MAIN TENDENCIES OF NON-LINEAR TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Vladimir Nesterov The first decade of the new century was marked by considerable extension of NLStechnologys diagnostic features, first of all by means of new technologies introduction and using th
[2017-11-16] Metatron hunter NLS safely?
Metatron or Non-linear Scanning (NLS) safely and accuratelyscans your body in threedimensions, pinpointing all of the contributing factors of your condition, getting to the root cause.
[2017-11-01] why professionals choose metatron 4025 hunter?
why professionals choose metatron 4025 hunter? n1 UNIQUE METATRON is the first device of its kind in the world. It is the most informative, portable, user-friendly, secure, and legally licensed and certified equipment. n2 ACCURATE Confirmed by thorou
[2017-10-18] What are the Benefits of the Metatron 4025 hunter?
Metatron 4025 hunter scans your body in 3D andpinpointsall of the contributing factorsand gets to the root of the cause,often treating them on the spot. Metatron NLS issafe, cost effectiveand non-invasive and accurate! The Metatron NLS can automatica
[2017-10-18] NLS-Diagnosis Of Degenerative Changes In The Spine
A.G. Brusova, P.A. Manokhin, T.K. Puzanovskaya, T.A. Shyshkovets Computer Nonlinear Diagnosis (NLS) is a new highly informative method provided to examine the spine and spinal marrow. The NLS advantages are non-invasiveness, scalability of the image
[2017-10-03] NLS-Diagnosis Of Lung Abscess
NLS-Diagnosis Of Lung AbscessS.N. MakarovaA screening NLS-investigation detected two causes of lung abscess in feverish patientswho were complaining of pain in the right hypochondriac region. The patients weresubjected to echography in order to precl
[2017-09-09] NLS-Method In Vascular Pathology Diagnosis
NLS-Method In Vascular Pathology Diagnosis S.M. Patrushev, A.D. Sluzky, V.M. Vagulin Today the world faces a constant trend of a growing rate of mortality caused by occlusive vascular diseases, especially by cerebro-vascular disorders which are in th
[2017-08-08] New Potentials for NLS-Methods In Colonic Neoplasm Diagnosis
V.I. Nesterova, T.G. Kuznetsova, V.I. Metlushko, N.L. Ogluzdina Introduction Colonoscopy is successfully used today to diagnose colon new growths. Based on a number of indications endoscopic investigation provides reliable information about the colon
[2017-06-05] Potential for the NLS Approach In Diagnosing Gastic And Colonic
Potential for the NLS Approach In Diagnosing Gastic And Colonic Cancers P.A. Svetlova, N.A. Sorokina, T.G. Kuznetsova, V.I. Nesterova, L.A. Yankina, N.V. Tatioshev The non-linear diagnostic method (NLS) has been actively practiced lately at many medi
[2017-05-18] Method Of Computer Non-Linear Analysis And Its Role In Diagnosis
V.D. Artyukh,U.A. Shovkoplyas,A.A. GavrilovComputer-based non-linear analysis (NLS) as a dynamic non-invasive informativemethod is increasingly used to examine the status of health affected by pathologies ofdifferent origin. NLS can be applied both i

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